Sunday, November 7, 2010

Oh the woes of pregnancy...and starting an equine rescue!

I have been neglecting my blog I swore I would put more time and effort into, now that I have the time. Not so sure about the effort anymore!!

I have been pregnant for almost eight LONG months and am ready to be done. The last few weeks have been bad, with trips in and out of the hospital for contractions and the flu with major dehydration. I have been put on countless restrictions to keep me pregnant as long as possible, including NO horses!! So you can see where that leaves the blogging about the horses. Like there was much going on before that anyways!!

It is hunting season, and the horses are locked up for fifteen days to avoid any "accidents." I stopped out at Ron's the day I got out of the hospital to go take a peek. Everyone looks good. A little dirty, a little more hair, but good condition to go into winter. Got a little loving from Chubby, who is the first to the fence even before Okauchee now, and a whinnied greeting from Rain. She's really growing up to be something. I think she will be the next one to go in the spring when Chubby goes back. Speaking of, I e-mailed an old prof (and also riding instructor when I was in college) about her schedule. I am going to try to get right back in the saddle after I pop this kid out!! Ivy is doing well out in the herd without mom. I didn't have really any worries that it would go otherwise. Although she has found a spot where she can sneak under the fence and go gallivanting around the empty field. So far she has always found her way back in when she is done moseying.

Remme and Riot are fat and sassy out at Joey's. Always excited to see me when I stop by to check on them. They love their scratches, and, of course, Remme always feels the need to show off. He tries to push Riot around, who stands and clacks his teeth at him, and gets the scolding from Mom to be nice. They are both filling out nicely. I may try putting Remme with something with a nicer hip this spring, just to see what comes out. Need to know if he deserves to keep his jewels! :D

I have been putting my time into learning the ropes and laws of 501c3 non-profit entities. I have officially (and looks like on my own) started the wheels for a Spanish Mustang rescue. I think it is imperative that our community has a place for temporarily displaced SMs and ones that need help in general. Right now I am at the beginning, looking for others interested in helping out with the incorporation. It is a lot of paperwork and hard work, but I think that we can do it!! I have already put feelers out for a transportation train and for foster homes. This way we can get started helping horses in need immediately, versus having to wait until the rescue is up and running as that might take awhile. Anyone interested in knowing more or helping out feel free to contact me!! I am always looking for people to brainstorm and bounce ideas off of!!

One day soon I also hope to figure out if this blog site does anything more interesting then just letting me write!! I also would like to try and get some decent photos for it and for a website update. Oh LUCY!!!


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