Friday, November 20, 2009

Okauchee is a rock star!!!

YAY for Okauchee being a rock star!! I went to Crystal's last night for my "lesson" on him before he comes home Sunday, and he was AMAZING!! Very quiet, willing, and eager to please. A little lazy with no power steering, but hey, you can't ask for a lot from a green broke horse. It felt so good to be on a horse again after such a long hiatus, and a Spanish Mustang to boot! :) He is very light on the bit, moves off your leg like a dream, will go over tarps and the bridge, and really concentrates on his work when he is alone. He does still have some herd issues. He likes to be in it, constantly. I guess it's something we will have to work on.

On a side note, my trainer, who is also a friend from college, really enjoyed working with him. She said he was a challenge and that she really took to heart what I had told her when she got him and actually RESEARCHED the breed before she started. She had had one BLM mustang in for training when Maggie was still there that had issues up the wazoo. She said that she knew these guys had a different mind, but wanted to know as much as she could before she started. She said he is a bit stubborn, but that he will make a great riding horse and partner for someone!! Another good thing, is that she is willing and eager to take more of my horses in the future. I am so excited!! Mainly for the fact that she does mostly QH and breeds Appys (in this area that is the norm and mustangs are looked down upon, mostly due to ignorance) and will get the word out about how wonderful of an experience it was to work with him.

Anyways, I am going to ride him again Sunday. In the indoor, then outside, and then again when we get back home. We did get pics, but they're not very good. Jess, my photographer, was sick and couldn't come. Dean, my boyfriend, took most of them. The arena was dusty so most of the pics are spotty. Oh well, you get the jist of what's going on. I'll see if I can get Lucy to post some on the website until we can get some better ones.


P.S. The big guy is still for sale and is going to make one heck of a riding horse!!