Monday, July 5, 2010

Ok, Ok! I know...been to long!

I swore that once I got the internet at home I would write more. I guess I am not much of a blogger! But exciting things are happening here at Northern Dream Spanish Mustangs, and I finally feel like I have something to write about!

This past weekend I spent down at my mother's place, so I missed the big visit from Kim. I was offered a pasture to use for the summer and fall. Sixty acres of wonderful rolling grass. Adella and her new baby, Ivy (apparently Remme and Adella got frisky through the fence last year!), Ransom, and a mare from Kim (Sweetwater Crocus, who is by Booker T. Mustang out of Sweetwater Lily) were turned out this weekend while I was gone. Okauchee, Rain, and Ella were turned out the beginning of last month. So far so good! I called the guy who owns the place, and he told me that he hasn't seen any problems yet. I will go out and check on them myself tomorrow. That just leaves Remme and Riot at home. It'll be good to only have to feed two for a couple months!

Another mare from Kim, a full sister to Crocus named Mustang Lily, is at Crystal's (Spot Collection Appaloosas in Fisher, MN) to be trained and AI'd to Wayward Wind by frozen semen. We are still working out the details, so hopefully it all comes together and we get a baby out of the deal! Crystal is going to do the teasing and train at the same time. I am excited to have another riding horse when I can actually ride again!

Which I guess leads me to why I can't ride...I am going to have another baby! Due December 17th. I am very excited!

Keep watching for more info....there is another exciting thing brewing for us here!! :)