Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hanging in there

I was just reading my last few posts and realized that I never explained my current horse keeping situation. Many of you know the ins and outs of my problems with boarding places and "rental" properties. Being that NDSM now has a permanent home with a bigger and better facility in the works, things have gotten a lot smoother. I cannot thank the man I am buying my house from enough! He has generously let me keep the majority of my herd on his sixty acre pasture about a mile down the road from my house. This has been an immense help to me during my pregnancy and subsequent restrictions. It has also saved me a ton of money in hay costs!!! I really am trying to think of some way to show him my appreciation. One day I will think of something awesome for him and his wife!!

Currently I am still waiting to have a baby and working on the SM rescue. There have been a few snags and road bumps, but I now have a friend helping me brain storm and work on paperwork and such. I do not have a network of SM followers and rich people behind me, so it is proving to be more difficult then I thought. We will get there though!!

I was out throwing hay a few days ago at Ron's. Everyone was waiting for me at the door and I got plenty of kisses from VERY fuzzy ponies. I did a fat check and there are definitely no ribs anywhere to be found. They seem to have gotten lazy in digging for grass and were looking for the nice alfalfa/grass mix I have for them. Ivy is getting to be quite a herd boss. I think Rain has been teaching her the ropes because I saw the little lady lay her ears back and show her teeth to a few different individuals that day. She is going to be an athletic little mare! Can't wait to see how she sheds out come nicer weather.

Speaking of nicer weather, I am looking forward to springtime!! I have "lessons" all lined up with the lady I spoke about in the last post and hope to find Kiah a well broke pony so she can come too! I also would like to get some promotional things lined up. I don't know if I can do the MN Expo, but I would for sure like to do the Fargo one (if they have it this year) and keep working on getting a show together. It seems like the last couple of years I had a ton of stuff to go too, now I can't remember what any of it was! Ha ha, must be the pregnancy brain!!