Thursday, October 29, 2009

Crappy Weather!!

So it's raining, and I am waiting on Kim to come do feet for the third day in a row. Not to mention the last time he canceled on me. I'm getting slightly irritated to say the least. Kiah is with me today. Wonder how long she's gonna last out at the farm? I can bet it's not going to be very long, and to think, I actually had a babysitter yesterday for when he was supposed to be here. I have a headache already and think it's only gonna get worse. Not enough sleep and to much STRESS!! I think we got home from feeding this morning at five a.m. The bar got crazy last night because they got shut down for beets cause it started raining again. My floor went from clean to trashed in a matter of minutes. Didn't get out of there until almost three. I think I need a new job! I can't wait until I get moved out of my tiny ass apartment, into the farm house, fences up, and my therapeutic riding certificate started/finished. How life will be different then. More on that later...

Check out the site. Lucy is doing more improvements to it every day!!


Monday, October 26, 2009

YAY for something broke!!

I'm loving this whole internet at home thing. I bought myself a pretty new blue copier/scanner/printer thing at Best Buy yesterday. I'm so pumped to be able to do WHATEVER I want, whenever I want. I have to figure out how to hook the thing up still. But after that, it's on!

Anyways, I got a text from Crystal, my trainer, today. She said that she's been riding Okauchee since this weekend and that he's doing awesome. She said that he doesn't mind anyone being on his back or leg pressure. She is going to start trotting him tomorrow and work up to a lope in the next couple of days or so. I can't wait until he comes back. I'm finally going to have something to ride after to many years of doing nothing but feeding and ground work! Anyone else excited?? I'm planning on going over there to try my new saddle and watch her work him one of these days. Hopefully the weather holds out a little longer so that I can actually get some rides in on him before winter.

Contacted Josie at the Cayuse and a few other people about possibly getting another filly/mare. I will need something to replace Ella when she sells. I don't necessarily want her to go, but it doesn't seem economical to keep something around that I won't be able to breed to Remme in the distant future. We will see what pans out, if anything does.

Ooh ooh. Check out the website!! Lucy just re-did it, and it looks awesome! Let me know what you think!!


Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm Back!!

YAY for finally getting the internet at my place!! :) Alltel had a deal I couldn't pass up, so I got myself a nice little internet card and away I go!! I'll actually have time to keep up with this thing now, instead of having to wait until I can get online somewhere to post.

Here's the jist. Remme's AHHA registration and evaluation is pending again now that I got his recent photos sent in. They prefer horses that are over the age of three for the top 25, so it'll be pushing it for him to make it up against all the mature horses that entered. I never did get anything else submitted. It's gotten so cold and muddy that everyone is hairy and dirty, plus Adella and Rain are the only other ones that come close to the three mark anyways. Oh well, I am pulling for Remme to make it and will congratulate those who do make it. He's really growing into a handsome boy!! Very spanishy in my eyes. His AIHR and HOA paperwork is ready to go out also, just have to get the money orders and mail everything.

Rain and Riot are doing great. One of these nights I will sit down and figure out how to add pictures to this thing so that I can post one of the little guy. He's such a little sweetie. Getting so big and looking more like momma every day. He had another haltering session the other day when I dewormed him. He wasn't to keen on having anything around his head again, but once he got done trying to drag me around his paddock he seemed okay with it. Just stood there and looked at me while I petted him and touched him all over. He is so funny, not a ticklish bone in his body. He just stands there and lets you touch him wherever you want. I can't wait until he grows older. He's gonna make a great companion for someone! Weaning is imminent. Will report back on how that goes.

Ransom just returned from the trainer's and is cuter then when he left. Crystal, my friend from college who owns a boarding and training place not far from me, did a wonderful job with him. He is ready to be backed and ridden. I can't wait! Okauchee is at her place right now. She sent me pics of him and said he is doing well. Looks like she got on him a few days ago and walked him around. He will be there for thirty days, and I'll get to ride him when he comes home! Finally!! I am pumped about the whole thing. Then hopefully someone will buy the two so I can cut my numbers down and really concentrate on the training and campaigning of my breeding stock.

Ella and Adella (really? did I need to choose their names so close?) are just hanging out, as usual. I put Ella up for sale just to see if I got any bites on her. I can't breed her to Remme, and I don't want to sell her, but I figured that maybe someone else would love her as much as I do. We will see, if I sell some geldings or Riot I may just keep her and breed her to some other stallion eventually. Speaking of breeding, Adella is going to the University this spring to get bred to Wayward Wind via frozen semen. I am excited about the prospect of having one of his babies to campaign!!

Kim is coming to do feet (finally!) Tuesday and Wednesday. I really need to find a farrier in my area!