Thursday, August 12, 2010

Part One of The Dream!

Here it is...the new, permanent home of Northern Dream Spanish Mustangs! Ok, I know that none of you want to see the's all the land and the barn that matters, right? There is one of those and almost twelve acres to go with it. I will be posting pics of that stuff when there is actually something to look at. Right now the barn is an empty shell, soon to be full of hay, and my paddock area is an alfalfa field. Across the drive is going to be where my arena will go. I hope to be able to attach three stalls with run-ins and hopefully an office/tack room to it. We will see how the plans work out and whether or not there is enough room for it! I have been very busy lately moving and trying to get settled. I also am down to one job and hope to maybe get a "fun" job at Tractor Supply or something like that, working with other livestock/farming/horsey people. This bar stuff is for the birds!
Currently Lily is doing well in training. As with all range bred and reared older horses, she is taking a little extra time and repetition to get things down. I believe that she trusts Crystal now, and that is helping immensely with things. I am aspiring for her to make it to the show ring someday, but, with only one job now, I really can't be spending a ton of money getting someone else's horse trained. She is going to take some time to become a sound riding mount, and I guess that is better than nothing. I decided that she is not going to be bred this year as the circumstances surrounding the actual AI are harder in the area then I thought. I just didn't want to start trying so late in the season and possibly waste a bunch of money. Also, with only one job now, the market being so crappy, and me being at my limit, it just seemed smarter to wait. Thank you to Sharon Sluss at Rainbow's End for taking the time to speak with me about our options, and I hope to do business with you again in the future!
There is a new addition at NDSM, a nine year old cremello mare named Bright Spot. She is an own daughter of Duke of Earl and out of Sunspot. Sorry, I don't have SMR numbers right now, but Earl is a perlino and Sunspot is a palomino from the Horsehead Ranch. This cross has made many beautful babies, and Bright Spot is already showing she is one of the best conformed and easy to train out of the lot! Ok, so apparently my crappy internet connection isn't allowing me to attach any more pics. Hopefully I can get to it soon! Chubby, as we are calling her, is at Spot Collection Appaloosas with Lily. She has been there only for a few short weeks, and Crystal is already riding her. This mare should be a show stopper on the English circuit! She is such a beautiful mover with a natural presence that is sure to get her noticed!!
Keep watching for updates!!

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