Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's like summer!!

The weather finally broke last week. It has been in the 20's now for a few days, and I'm loving it!! It's like a heat wave out there.

The horses are all fat and sassy. Seems that the little bit of oats and alfalfa pellets they are getting are doing them some good. I will have to order some more Total Equine Supplement (good stuff, BTW) when I get all the bills paid for this month.

I am going with my friend to pick up her horse from the trainer next Sunday. I think we are going to haul Okauchee with and go for a ride at her trainer's place. It may be my first outdoor winter ride EVER. I don't remember a time when I have been out and about on horseback during the cold season. It'll be interesting to see how Okauchee does. Will have to report back after the ride. I don't know if he's been outside of the arena before!

Otherwise it's winter, not a lot going on. I have a few things in the works, but will not report on them until they materialize.


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