Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone!! :)

Turns out January is going to be busier then I thought. I think the goings on of this month will most likely make or break the tone for the entire year. There is a lot of important stuff to be determined in the next few weeks. Pray everything goes well!!

The weather is still holding its own at below zero temperatures with a nasty wind chill and more SNOW! Woke up today to another beautiful dusting. Can't see any of the windows of my car sitting in the drive. It's this time of year that I begin dreaming of living somewhere tropical. Only a few months left to go! Maybe it'll be an early spring, maybe....LOL!

All the horses are fat and sassy. Well everyone except for Rain, she could use some weight. I would like to get Riot weaned. Would've liked to get him weaned two months ago. Such is life. Rain is going back on her full blown 'I'm to skinny' diet. I will have to go to the elevator and pick up some more complete feed and some more rice bran. Everyone else is on a mixture of alfalfa pellets and grain, very little of each. Basically it's for extra heat in the below zero temps. They are doing well on their free choice hay. They really seem to like the mixture they are getting.

Finished my sales page ads for the SMR sales page yesterday. Hopefully they turned out well and make sense to those reading. I'd really like to get a few more horses sold. Need to concentrate on training and showing my breeding stock. I also checked out the website for the facility in Georgetown, MN that Dr. D told me about. The one that can AI Adella. They have a very nice place, and it's not far from here at all. I have to call for a price list, but hopefully it's not to expensive. Dean said he'd pay for it for my Christmas present!! So it looks like Adella's pairing with Wayward Wind will go on as planned. I am so pumped!! I was pretty disappointed when Dr. D said they wouldn't be able to do it due to no space at the U. Leslie and I also talked about going to the SMR meeting again. I'd like to attend and haul Okauchee down there to ride some. I also need the trailer, just in case Pluma ends up coming home with me!

Gotta run. Time to get ready for another wonderful night at work!


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