Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's been found!!

My website has been down since the new year, so I subsequently thought I lost my blog too. Apparently all I had to do was go searching and TA-DA!! Here she be! The website is now back up and should be reloaded soon. There will be some changes coming once picture weather shows up. It is supposed to break 40 this week, so hopefully the horses will start blowing hair and it'll stay nice after that!

Since I had my son, I've had the opportunity to climb back in the saddle with Cheryl Byrne of Glacial Ridge Equine in Erskine, MN. It has been interesting, to say the least. She has been giving me lessons on her 2010 AQHA Superhorse, Rocky. He lost an eye at a show as a two year old and still went on to win this award! He is a dream to ride, but has been trained much different then any of the horses I am used to riding. I am essentially in re-train mode, and it is proving difficult for me. We are working hard at it at least two days a week, and I hope to be riding youngsters her way for her in the future.

Lots more to report on but the baby is awake so I have to run! Stay tuned!

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